iBRIT – A premium smart devices brand that develops innovative products

Who We Are

iBRIT is a premium smart devices brand that develops innovative products which are elegantly designed with cutting edge technology and superior components. iBRIT is incorporated in London, UK and has its Sales & Marketing Headquarters in Dubai and regional offices in London and Shenzhen. It aims to extend its presence in the Middle East, Africa and European markets. IBRIT's principal shareholders have stakes in key factories with expertise in smart phones, tablets and 2 in 1 devices.

The original founding team comprised of young dynamic individuals with a successful history of working with world renowned brands and creating brands in the IoT space that have stood the test of time. In 2016 we started our journey by partnering with technology partners that are pioneers in this business. In 2017 we divested shares to a private investment group to build our capital base and take the company to the next level of growth. After expanding significantly, the product portfolio & the geographic reach in MWC, Barcelona, IBRIT further raised capital from CIS investors in March 2018.

What We Do

iBRIT specializes in producing mobile phones, tablets, lifestyle technology and futuristic products. It focuses on its objective to embrace the IoT and keep up with the fast pace of technology changes.

How We Think

We believe that the best of smart devices experience is driven by a flawless fusion of design, software, and hardware.

The team's passion is seen in the dedication and eye for detail with each product that comes in keeping the needs of the end consumer in mind & a commitment to exceed the consumers expectations thereby creating an invaluable partner in IBRIT for life.